Muay Thai Las Vegas

If you’re looking to learn Muay Thai in Las Vegas then look no further than Uprising MMA! Our coaches are highly trained in Muay Thai in Las Vegas to help your martial arts journey. This style of combat sports comes from Thailand. It heavily focuses on the use of your fists, elbows, knees and shins to strike your opponent.


Muay Thai is known as the art of 8 limbs since you’re using both limbs at all times. Both sets of your knees, elbows, shins and fists are better than one in hand-to-hand combat. Uprising MMA offers Muay Thai classes in Las Vegas for kids, teens, women and men. Contact us to get started! Check also: Kids MMA Las Vegas, Kids Wrestling Las Vegas, Self Defense Classes Las Vegas, Jiu-Jitsu Las Vegas

Best Muay Thai Gym Las Vegas

Uprising MMA is the best Muay Thai gym in Las Vegas. Our facility provides the ultimate training experience for martial arts. A typical Muay Thai training session consists of running, jumping, shadow boxing, bodyweight exercises, weight training, sparring and heavy punching bag drills.


Our facility also houses start of the art equipment to take your Muay Thai training to the next level. We have 100-pound punching bags and other equipment that allows you to train at the highest level. Uprising MMA also provides beginner to advanced-level classes for people of all ages. Every class is under the watchful supervision of a highly skilled Muay Thai coach from Uprising MMA.

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Learn Muay Thai Art of 8 Limbs

Take your combat training to the next level with Muay Thai Art of 8 Limbs. This style of training is called the Art of 8 limbs because it uses both sets of your fists, elbows, shins and knees to strike an opponent. Using every limb possible may help in training and hand-to-hand competition.


Learning Muay Thai in Las Vegas utilizes your leverages, strength, endurance and mobility. Muay Thai is also a great way to get the body moving and in shape. Burning calories through training may also help weight management! Contact Uprising MMA and ask about our Muay Thai classes.

Muay Thai Classes Las Vegas

Uprising MMA offers the best Muay Thai classes in Las Vegas. We have classes that cover beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of training. All age groups are welcome as well! There are classes set up for kids, teens, women and men. Every class is taught under the supervision of one of our highly trained Muay Thai instructors.

During the Muay Thai class, various styles of clinching, punching, kicking and striking are discussed in detail. Teaching students the most effective and correct techniques may help them in competition or in a self-defense situation. Uprising offers Muay Thai Bag classes, Muay Thai Clinching classes and general Muay Thai classes. Covering all three bases allows a student to pick a style of training they excel the most in!

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Benefits of Muay Thai

Here are the many benefits of Muay Thai:

  • Teaches self-defense

  • Improves strength & conditioning

  • Helps weight management

  • Teaches discipline and patience

  • Challenging yet fun & interactive

  • Promotes inner development


Anyone looking for a challenging yet fun and interactive activity should consider Muay Thai in LV. This combat sport challenges the body to push itself to its limits. It also teaches important self-defense skills to a student.

Uprising MMA believes in peace and inner development for all of our students. While violence is never an answer to anything, it can forcefully put itself into your life through an attacker. When such unfortunate events happen then one must be prepared to defend themselves. Uprising MMA is here to help everyone learn self-defense skills through Muay Thai classes in Las Vegas.

Contact Us For The Ultimate Muay Thai Experience

Uprising MMA is home to the ultimate Muay Thai experience! We welcome all age groups to learn Muay Thai and other martial arts. We also give back to our community and first responders! When you enter our facility then you’ll be taught the fundamentals to start your Muay Thai journey.

Whether you need advice on how to start or improve your technique then our Muay Thai coaches are here to help. Contact Uprising MMA to be part of the best Muay Thai gym in Las Vegas! Our facility is also open during the morning and evening to fit your busy schedule.