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Kids Wrestling Las Vegas

Kids wrestling in Las Vegas help adolescents with their fitness and health goals. It also teaches important self-defense and self-development skills that teens and kids need. Uprising MMA has the best kids wrestling classes in Las Vegas. This type of combat sport teaches students how to successfully defend themselves against an opponent.


Wrestling focuses on clinch fighting, throwdowns,  takedowns, joint locks, pins, grappling and submission holds to defeat an opponent. Uprising MMA focuses on freestyle kids wrestling in Las Vegas since it’s one of the most popular types of wrestling. Contact us today to sign up your child for kids wrestling in Las Vegas. Check also: Kids MMA Las VegasSelf Defense Classes Las Vegas, Jiu-Jitsu Las Vegas, Muay Thai Las Vegas

Best Kids Wrestling Gym Las Vegas

Uprising MMA is the best kids Wrestling Gym in Las Vegas! We offer students the best equipment, advice, resources and tools needed so they can succeed in their life. Before training begins we require students to maintain a good GPA and finish their homework. This is the first step in helping a student’s life through wrestling.


Second, once training begins then our coaches put our students through challenging yet fun exercises and workouts. Kids wrestling helps students with their overall health and fitness conditioning. Wrestling is all about using your strength to your advantage. Students learn clinch fighting, takedowns, joint locks, pins, grappling and submission holds during classes.

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Fitness Education in Kids Wrestling

Here are the benefits of kids wrestling in Las Vegas:

  • Teaches self-defense

  • Improves health, strength & conditioning

  • Great extracurricular activity

  • Promotes Inner-Development

  • Excellent exercise for kids


Our coaches help kids stay active with every exercise and workout they go through during classes. Our kids wrestling classes in Las Vegas helps students with their balance, physical strength and cardiovascular endurance. One of the main reasons why our kids wrestling gym in Las Vegas stands out from the others is our values.


Uprising MMA believes in self-development through the martial arts classes we provide. Students are informed about self-defense techniques but we do not promote violence or aggression toward others.

Teaching Kids BrazilianJiu-Jitsu Philosophy

Our kids wrestling gym in Las Vegas teaches students valuable life skills. One lesson Uprising MMA teaches is the importance of responsibilities. All young students must complete their homework before training and they must maintain a great GPA.


Having students be responsible for their own life may lead them to success outside of training! Kids wrestling in Las Vegas also helps to teach kids about the values of fitness. We offer wrestling classes for kids aged 4 - 12. Uprising MMA wants to leave a positive impact on our local youth!

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Kids Wrestling in Las Vegas

If you’re looking to put your child or teen in a productive sport then consider kids wrestling in Las Vegas. This sport challenges students in a fun way. Freestyle wrestling is also a great outlet for kids to use their high energy and natural attention.


Uprising MMA also teaches students about the fundamentals of wrestling, which may open the door to opportunities. Scholastic and collegiate wrestling are two very big sports for high school and college-level athletes. Focusing on this sport may allow students possibly receive scholarships and awards! Uprising MMA wants all of our students to succeed in their life through wrestling. Contact us today about kids wrestling in Las Vegas.

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