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Code of Conduct

TEAM MEMBERS are expected to follow these basic rules, procedures, and expectations.

  • Before class, every student must BOOK their class through the Wellnessliving App. This not only helps us with attendance but also helps students earn REWARDS.

  • Before stepping on the mats EVERY member must neatly put their gear away in cubbies, place shoes in a neat manner, WIPE and DRY feet, and WAIT patiently for class to start.

  • ALWAYS use family-appropriate language and behavior while maintaining friendly and courteous behavior. Help us maintain an inclusive environment for EVERYONE.

  • Be POLITE and RESPECTFUL and LISTEN to your teammates' feedback and coaches' direction.

  • Do not become a distraction for others. GIVE every other student the opportunity to maximize their potential. ENCOURAGE, SUPPORT,  and MOTIVATE your fellow students.

  • At the end of class, each student will neatly place any borrowed gear back and CLEAN UP after themselves.

  • We have an open-door policy at Uprising MMA, ALWAYS feel free to SHARE, feedback, concerns, or questions with any staff member, we will be happy to hear from you.

  • At Uprising MMA we are committed to developing everyone to be the strongest version of themselves. Our TEAM’S key to success is to follow the CODE OF CONDUCT and our CORE VALUES to create consistency and inclusion.

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