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MMA Gym Las Vegas

MMA Gym Las Vegas


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Puncbag Hit - MMA Gym N. Las Vegas, NV

MMA Gym N. Las Vegas, NV

Experience an MMA gym in Las Vegas like no other! Our MMA gym in Las Vegas offers MMA classes for men, women, teens, kids and adults. Training MMA is an art form that Uprising MMA takes seriously. Educating others about self-defense and self-discovery through mixed martial arts training is at our very core, more about Self Defense Classes Las Vegas.


We help all of our students with inner development through fitness and wellness at our MMA gym in Las Vegas. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, and more combat sports are covered in our classes! Aside from our MMA classes, we offer an MMA affiliate program that helps those that are seeking a career in MMA. Contact MMA Uprising about our MMA classes, services and programs in Las Vegas.

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